These tutorials should help you understand how geophysical inversion can contribute to geoscience tasks and the basics of how it works. Choosing one from the menu will open it in a new window. Have we also mentioned how great the IAG resource is for learning? The IAG CD-ROM is a learning facility about geophysical inversion. It is structured like a text book but includes educational versions of UBC-GIF programs, data sets, interactive self-test facilities, and exercises for use by individuals or classes. We have divided this tutorial page into 5 main sections: Introductory articles, Online tutorials, Workflows, Summary, and Technical background. Technical background points to technical details contained in software manuals. We also recommend 


Introductory articles

  • Inversion for Applied Geophysics (IAG)
  • Applications of geophysical inversions in mineral exploration (pdf)
  • Cost effectiveness of geophysical inversions in mineral exploration: Applications at San Nicolas (pdf)


Online Tutorials

Workflows for geophysical inversion

Summary pages

​Technical Background

  • 2D DC resistivity and induced polarization (pdf)
  • 3D DC resistivity and induced polarization (pdf)
  • 3D Magnetics (pdf)
  • 3D Gravity (pdf)
  • 1D Frequency-domain electromagnetics (pdf)
  • 1D Time-domain electromagnetics (pdf)


We continue to build web-based educational material for applied geophysics at the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences, UBC. Please contact us by email, or directly, for more information.