Thesis list

Below are the theses produced by students at UBC-Geophysical Inversion Facility. The PDF sizes are in parentheses. The web links are to the secure site for the online collections at the Koerner Library site where the free download of the thesis is available. The links have been placed for thesis PDFs above 10 Mb. 

Year Name Degree Title Download (size)
2017 M. McMillan PhD Cooperative and Parametric Inversion Strategies for Airborne Electromagnetic Data PDF (49 MB)
2017 K. Steklova PhD Computational methods in hydrogeophysics PDF (4 MB)
2016 J. Granek PhD Application of Machine Learning Algorithms to Mineral Prospectivity Mapping PDF (30 MB)
2016 S. Devriese PhD Detecting and imaging time-lapse conductivity changes using electromagnetic methods PDF (27 MB)
2016 D. Cowan MSc Forward modeling and inversion of viscous remanent magnetization responses in the time domain PDF (6 MB)
2016 J. Fohring PhD Adaptive optimal experimental design and inversion of a coupled fluid flow and geophysical imaging model for reservoir monitoring PDF (4 MB)
2015 D. Fournier MSc A cooperative magnetic inversion method with Lp-norm regularization PDF (22 MB)
2015 D. Marchant PhD Induced polarization effects in inductive source electromagnetic data PDF (16 MB)
2014 D. Yang PhD Geophysical survey decomposition and efficient 3D inversion of time-domain electromagnetic data PDF (22 MB)
2012 E. Holtham PhD 3D inversion of natural source electromagnetic data PDF (13 MB)
2011 G. Rosenkjaer MSC Electromagnetic Methods in Geothermal Exploration. 1D and 3D Inversion of TEM and MT Data from a Synthetic Geothermal Area and the Hengill Geothermal Area, SW Iceland PDF (109 MB)
2011 J. Granek MSc Computing geologically consistent models from geophysical data PDF (4 MB)
2010 L. Beran PhD Discrimination algorithms for the remediation of unexploded ordnance PDF (8 MB)
2009 P. Lelievre PhD Integrating Geologic and Geophysical Data through Advanced Constrained Inversions PDF (6 MB)
2008 N. Williams PhD Geologically-constrained UBC-GIF Gravity and Magnetic Inversions with Examples from the Agnew-Wiluna Greenstone Belt, Western Australia PDF (59 MB)
2007 M. Sheffer PhD Forward Modelling and Inversion of Streaming Potential for the Interpretation of Hydraulic Conditions from Self-Potential Data. PDF (3 MB)
2007 L. Passion PhD Inversion of time-domain electromagnetic data for the detection of unexploded ordnance PDF (51 MB)
2007 S. Napier MSc Practical Inversion of 3D Time Domain Electromagnetic Data: Application to the San Nicolas deposit PDF (12 MB)
2004 L. Beran MSc Classification algorithms for discrimination of unexploded ordnance PDF (4 MB)
2003 C. Hewson MSc Developing learned regularization for geophysical inversions PDF (2 MB)
2003 P. Lelievre MSc Forward modelling and inversion of geophysical magnetic data PDF (4 MB)
2001 N. Phillips MSc Geophysical inversion in an integrated exploration program: examples from the San Nicolas deposit PDF (8 MB)
1999 S. Walker MSc Inversion of em data to recover 1-d conductivity and a geometric survey parameter PDF (1 MB)
1999 L. Passion MSc Detecting unexploded ordnance with time domain electromagnetic induction PDF (4 MB)
1999 P. Routh PhD Electromagnetic coupling in frequency domain induced polarisation data PDF (11 MB)
1997 E. Haber PhD Numerical strategies for the solution of inverse problems PDF (2 MB)
1997 Z. Zhang PhD Reconstruction of Conductivity and Susceptibility from the Inversion of EM Data PDF (22 MB)
1995 C. G. Farquharson PhD Approximate Sensitivities for the Multi-Dimensional Electromagnetic Inversion Problem PDF (2 MB)
1994 Y. Zudman MSc Use of DC Resistivity and Induced Polarization Methods in Acid Mine Drainage Research at the Copper Cliff Mine Tailings Impoundments PDF (10 MB)
1992 Y. Li PhD Inversion of Three-Dimensional Direct Current Resistivity Data PDF (7 MB)
1992 P. R. McGillivray PhD Forward Modeling and inversion of DC Resistivity and MMR Data PDF (6 MB)