About us

The UBC-Geophysical Inversion Facility (UBC-GIF) is an academic research unit within the Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (EOAS) at the University of British Columbia (UBC).

Our focus is development and application of geophysical forward modelling and inversion methodologies. Mineral exploration and UXO characterization are primary contexts, while environmental, geotechnical and large scale Earth imaging problems are also of interest.

Research at the UBC-GIF is supported primarily by consortium funding arrangements with NSERC, exploration and engineering companies, and other agencies. 

UBC-GIF Software

UBC-GIF has developed an extensive library of Fortran-based codes for forward modeling and inverting of potential field and electromagnetic data. We have also created an interactive GUI (GIFtools) for loading, visualizing, interpreting, processing, simulating and inverting geophysical data. GIFtools and UBC-GIF Fortran codes are not freely available. However, licensing options exist for companies who wish to acquire this software. Several basic potential field and 1D electromagnetic codes are available for academic use upon request.

DISC 2017

Geophysical Electromagnetics: Fundamentals and Applications

Dr. Doug Oldenburg is presenting the Society of Exploration Geophysicists 2017 Distinguished Instructor Short Course on Geophysical Electromagnetics: Fundamentals and Applications.

The course will be held in ~30 locations around the world , and will cover applications of electromagnetic geophysics across mining, oil and gas, geotechnical, water and environmental industries. For information and registration, see http://disc2017.geosci.xyz.

GIF in 2017

GIF has received the SEG's Distinguished Achievement Award to honour technical contributions that have substantially advanced the science of exploration geophysics.

PhD student Dominique Fournier has also been awarded the SEG's Best Student Presentation at the 2016 Annual Meeting for his talk on "Robust and flexible mixed-norm inversion".

GIF also congratulates Yaoguo Li on his SEG Honorary Membership.


Some code libraries are available for academic research and teaching uses. Commercial licensing and support of UBC-GIF codes is handled by third parties. For details about how to obtain either type of license please refer to Licensing page


GeoSci.xyz is a collection of open-source web-based “textbooks” and computational resources for geoscientists. It includes the GPG: Geophysics for Practicing Geoscientists and EM: Electromagnetic Geophysics, which will serve as the primary resource for DISC 2017.

Inversion for Applied Geophysics

Our outreach program aims to raise awareness of inversion technology, and to promote it's use in applied geophysics. Applications are presented as case histories, and there are several interactive tutorials and workflows on theory and application of inversion. See IAG under Resources in the menu to the left.


If you have questions or comments on inversion theory or applications, or about this web site, please email us at ubcgif[at]eos.ubc.ca, or refer to our contact page.