The resources on this website are provided to inform and educate students, scientists, and earth science practitioners about geophysical inversion. Links to each item below can be found on the menu to the left.

The I.A.G. resource package is a learning facility about geophysical inversion. It is structured like a text book but includes educational versions of UBC-GIF programs, data sets, interactive self-test facilities, and exercises for use by individuals or classes. A few of the resources in the I.A.G. are on the UBC-GIF website, but the vast majority of UBC-GIF inversion tutorial materials are delivered in the I.A.G. resource package. See the IAG outline page for details about contents and obtaining a copy (free of charge). This is an excellent resource for those interested in teaching and learning practical geophysics through examples. 

Tutorials and workflows help with learning about how inversion works, and how to carry out the processing.

Case Histories show examples of inversion contributing to real problems in geology, mineral exploration, oil/gas exploration and geological engineering situations.

Outreach briefly describes the UBC-GIF outreach program.

Publications and Thesis lists consist of complete lists of publications and thesis produced by UBC-GIF scientists since 1990. These are found under the separate and aptly named Publications page.