Educational Resources

Although geophysical methods have been successfully used to solve geoscientific problems for decades, they remain underutilized by the geoscience community as a whole. This is true for a multitude of reasons. Many members of the geoscience community are unaware of the wide range of geophysical methods that exist, and the extent to which they can assist in solving geoscientific problems. Also, the knowledge required to competently use geophysical forward modeling and inversion software is non-trivial, leading many new practitioners to become discouraged or use the codes improperly. For those motivated to learn geophysics, it can be very difficult to find relevant learning materials; especially in developing nations. Our research group's outreach hopes to tackle these issues.

UBC-GIF aims to increase the number of geophysics practitioners and improve efficacy with geophysical methods by:

  • Publishing case histories which demonstrate the successful application of geophysical methods to solve geoscientific problems.
  • Providing educational resources to those who would otherwise not have access.
  • Creating free tutorial resources and apps for learning the fundamentals of forward modeling and inversion.
  • Providing free forward modeling and inversion software for educational and academic research purposes.


Quick Links

Case Histories: see examples of inversion contributing to real problems in geology, mineral exploration, oil/gas exploration and geological engineering situations.

GeoSci: a collection of open-source web-based “textbooks” and computational resources for geoscientists.

I.A.G. resource package: a learning resource for those interested in teaching and learning practical geophysics through examples. It is structured like a text book but includes educational versions of UBC-GIF programs, data sets, interactive self-test facilities, and exercises for use by individuals or classes.

Academic licensing of UBC-GIF codes: For research institutions who will publish their research in accredited journals, UBC-GIF will provide free versions of certain forward modeling and inversion codes.