Below are the journal publications that have been produced by UBC-GIF. The articles are available for download from the right column and are in .pdf format. Our recent Conference Proceedings and Thesis list are on separate pages.

Journal Publications

Year Citation Download
2017 Yang, D., and D. W. Oldenburg, 2017, 3D inversion of total magnetic intensity data for time-domain EM at the Lalor massive sulphide deposit: Exploration Geophysics, 48, 110-123. PDF
  Caudillo-Mata, L. A., E. Haber, and C. Schwarzbach, 2017, An oversampling technique for the multiscale finite volume method to simulate electromagnetic responses in the frequency domain: Computational Geosciences. PDF
  Devriese, S. G. R., K. Davis, and D. W. Oldenburg, 2017, Inversion of airborne geophysics over the DO-27/DO-18 kimberlites - Part 1: Potential fields: Interpretation, 5, T299-T311. PDF
  Fournier, D., S. Kang, M. S. McMillan, and D. W. Oldenburg, 2017, Inversion of airborne geophysics over the DO-27/DO-18 kimberlites - Part 2: Electromagnetics: Interpretation, 5, T313-325. PDF
  Kang, S., D. Fournier, and D. W. Oldenburg, 2017, Inversion of airborne geophysics over the DO-27/DO-18 kimberlites - Part 3: Induced polarization: Interpretation, 5, T327-340. PDF
  Cowan, D. C., L. P. Song, and D. W. Oldenburg, 2017, Transient VRM Response From a Large Circular Loop Over a Conductive and Magnetically Viscous Half-Space: IEEE Transactions of Geoscience and Remote Sensing. PDF
  Caudillo-Mata, L. A., E. Haber, L. J. Heagy, and C. Schwarzbach, 2017, A framework for the upscaling of the electrical conductivity in the quasi-static Maxwell's equations: Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 317, 388-402. PDF
2016 Mitchell, M. A., and D. W. Oldenburg, 2016, Data quality control methodologies for large, non-conventional DC resistivity datasets: Journal of Applied Geophysics, 135, 163-182. PDF
  Devriese, S. G. R., and D. W. Oldenburg, 2016, Feasibility of electromagnetic methods to detect and image steam-assisted gravity drainage steam chambers: Geophysics, 81, no. 4, E227-E241.  PDF

Kang, S., D. W. Oldenburg, 2016, On recovering distributed IP information from inductive source time domain electromagnetic data: Geophysical Journal International, 207, no. 1, 174-196. 

  Yang, D., D. W. Oldenburg, 2016, Survey decomposition: A scalable framework for 3D controlled-source electromagnetic inversion: Geophysics, 81, no. 2, E69-E87. PDF
  Yang, D., D. W. Oldenburg, 2016, 3D inversion of total magnetic intensity data for time-domain EM at the Lalor massive sulphide deposit: Exploration Geophysics. PDF
  Song, L. P., L. Pasion, N. Lhomme, and D. W. Oldenburg, 2016, Sensor Placement via Optimal Experiment Design in EMI Sensing of Metallic Objects: Mathematical Problems in Engineering. PDF
  Song, L. P., S. D. Billings, L. Pasion, and D. W. Oldenburg, 2016, Transient Electromagnetic Scattering of a Metallic Object Buried in Underwater Sediments: IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote Sensing, 54 (2), 1061-1072. PDF
  Treister, E., and E. Haber, 2016, A fast marching algorithm for the factored eikonal equation: Journal of Computational Physics, 324, 210-225. PDF
2015 Cockett, R., S. Kang, L. Heagy, A. Pidlisecky, and D. W. Oldenburg, 2015, SimPEG: An open source framework for simulation and gradient based parameter estimation in geophysical applications: Computers and Geosciences, 85, A, 142-154. PDF
  McMillan, M. S., C. Schwarzbach, E. Haber, and D. W. Oldenburg, 2015, 3D parametric hybrid inversion of time-domain airborne
electromagnetic data: Geophysics, 80, no. 6, K25-K36.
  Devriese, S. G. R., and D. W. Oldenburg, 2015, Imaging SAGD steam chambers: traditional ERT vs broadband electromagnetic methods: CSEG Recorder, 40, no. 2, 16-20. PDF
  Song, L. P., D. W. Oldenburg, L. Pasion, S. D. Billings, and L. Beran, 2015, Temporal orthogonal projection inversion technique for EMI sensing of UXO: IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote Sensing, 53 (2), 1061-1072. PDF
  Rosenkjaer, G. K., E. Gasperikova, G. A. Newman, K. Arnason, and N. J. Lindsey, 2015, Comparison of 3D MT inversions for geothermal exploration: Case studies for Krafla and Hengill geothermal systems in Iceland: Geothermics, 57, 258-274. PDF
  Gasperikova, E., G. K. Rosenkjaer, K. Arnason, G. A. Newman, N. J. Lindsey, 2015, Resistivity characterization of the Krafla and Hengill geothermal fields through 3D MT inverse modeling: Geothermics, 57, 246-257. PDF
2014 McMillan, M. S., and D. W. Oldenburg, 2014, Cooperative constrained inversion of multiple electromagnetic data sets: Geophysics, 79, no. 4, B173-B185. PDF
  Marchant, D., E. Haber, and D. W. Oldenburg, 2014, Three-dimensional modeling of IP effects in time-domain electromagnetic data: Geophysics, 79, no. 6, E303-E314. PDF
  Yang, D., D. W. Oldenburg, and E. Haber, 2014, 3-D inversion of airborne electromagnetic data parallelized and accelerated by local mesh and adaptive soundings, Geophysical Journal International, 196, 1492-1507. PDF
2013 Oldenburg, D. W., E. Haber, and R. Shekhtman, 2013, Three dimensional inversion of multisource time domain electromagnetic data: Geophysics, 78, no. 1, E47-E57. PDF
  Marchant, D., E. Haber, and D. W. Oldenburg, 2013, Inductive source induced polarization, Geophysical Journal International, 192, 602-612. PDF
2012 Beran, L. S., S. Billings, and D. W. Oldenburg, 2012, Regularizing dipole polarizabilities in time-domain electromagnetic inversion: Journal of Applied Geophysics, 85, 59-67. PDF
  Song, L., D. W. Oldenburg, and L. R. Pasion, 2012, Estimating source locations of unexploded ordnance using multiple signal classification algorithm: Geophysics 77, no. 4, WB127-WB135.  PDF
  Holtham E., and D. W. Oldenburg, 2012, Large-scale inversion of ZTEM data: Geophysics, 77, no. 4, WB37-WB45. PDF
  Yang, D., and D. W. Oldenburg, 2012, Three-dimensional inversion of airborne time-domain electromagnetic data with applications to a porphyry deposit: Geophysics, 77, no. 2, B23-B34. PDF
2011 Beran, L. S., S. Billings, and D. W. Oldenburg, 2011, Robust inversion of time-domain electromagnetic data: Application to unexploded ordnance discrimination: Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics, 16, no. 3, 127–141. PDF
  Song, L., L. R. Pasion, S. D. Billings, and D. W. Oldenburg, 2011, Nonlinear inversion for multiple objects in transient electromagnetic induction sensing of unexploded ordnance: Techniques and applications: IEEE Trans. on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 49, no. 10, 4007-4020. PDF
  Beran, L. S., S. Billings, and D. W. Oldenburg, 2011, Incorporating uncertainty in unexploded ordnance discrimination: IEEE Trans. on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 49, no. 8, 3071-3080. PDF
2010 Billings, S. D., L. R. Pasion, L. S. Beran, N. Lhomme, L. P. Song, D. W. Oldenburg, K. Kingdon, D. Sinex, and J. Jacobson, 2010, Unexploded ordnance discrimination using magnetic and electromagnetic sensors: Case study from a former military site: Geophysics, 75, 103-114. PDF
  Li, Y., and D. W. Oldenburg, 2010, Rapid construction of equivalent sources using wavelets: Geophysics, 75, 51-59. PDF
  Holtham, E., and D. W. Oldenburg, 2010, Three-dimensional inversion of ZTEM data: Geophysical Journal International, 182, no. 1, 168-182. PDF
2009 Lelièvre, P. G., D. W. Oldenburg, and N. C. Williams, 2009, Integrating geologic and geophysical data through advanced constrained inversions: Exploration Geophysics, 40, no. 4, 334-341. PDF
  Lelièvre, P. G., and D. W. Oldenburg, 2009, A comprehensive study of including structural orientation information in geophysical inversions: Geophysical Journal International, 178, no. 2, 623-637. PDF
  Lelièvre, P. G., and D. W. Oldenburg, 2009, A 3D total magnetization inversion applicable when significant complicated remanence is present: Geophysics, 74, no. 3, L21-L30. PDF
2008 Beran, L. S., and D. W. Oldenburg, 2008, Selecting a discrimination algorithm for unexploded ordnance remediation: IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 46, 2547–2557. PDF
  Song, L. P., and D. W. Oldenburg, 2008, Adaptive Focusing for Source Localization in EMI Sensing of Metallic Objects: A Preliminary Assessment: Journal of Environmental & Engineering Geophysics, 13, 131-145. PDF
2007 Haber, E., D. W. Oldenburg, and R. Shekhtman, 2007, Inversion of time domain three-dimensional electromagnetic data: Geophysical Journal International 171, 550-564. PDF
  Kirkendall, B., Y. Li, and D. W. Oldenburg, 2007, Imaging cargo containers using gravity gradiometry: IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 45, no. 6, 1786-1797. PDF
  Sheffer, M. R., and D. W. Oldenburg, Three-dimensional modelling of streaming potential: Geophysical Journal International, 169, 839-848. PDF
2006 Farquharson, C. G., K. Duckworth, and D. W. Oldenburg, Comparison of integral equation and physical scale modeling of the electromagnetic responses of models with large conductivity contrasts: Geophysics 71, no. 4, G169-G177. PDF
  Lelievre, P. G., and D. W. Oldenburg, Magnetic forward modelling and inversion for high susceptibility: Geophysics Journal International, 166, 76–90. PDF
  Haber, E., D. W. Oldenburg, and R. Shekhtman, Inversion of time domain 3D electromagnetic data: Geophysics Journal International, 171, no. 2, 550-564. PDF
  Chen, J., and D. W. Oldenburg, 2006, A new formula for computation of apparent resistivity in marine magnetometric resistivity data: Geophysics, 71, no. 3, 73-81. PDF
2005 Oldenburg, D. W., R. Eso, S. Napier, and E. Haber, 2005, Controlled Source electromagnetic inversion for resource exploration: First Break, 23, July 2005, 41-48. PDF
  Oldenburg, D.W., and Li, Y., 2005, Geophysical Inversion: A Tutorial, Chapter in SEG volume in Environmental Geophysics, Investigations in Geophysics No.13: Near surface, D. K. Butler, Ed., SEG, 2005. N/A
  Chen, J., D. W. Oldenburg, and E. Haber, 2005, Reciprocity in Electromagnetics: Applications to marine magnetometric resistivity: Physics of Earth and Planetary Interiors, 150, 45 - 61. PDF
2004 Haber, E., U. Ascher, D. W. Oldenburg, 2004, Inversion of 3D electromagnetic data in frequency and time using an inexact all-at-once approach: Geophysics, 69, 1216-1228. PDF
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2003 Oldenburg, D. W., and Y. Li, 2003, On "3-D inversion of gravity and magnetic data with depth resolution" (Maurizio Fedi and Antonio Rapolla: Geophysics, 64, 452–461): Geophysics, 68, no. 1, 400-408. PDF
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2002 Billings, S. D., R. K. Beatson, and G. N. Newsam, 2002, Interpolation of geophysical data by continuous global surfaces: Geophysics, 67, 1810-1822. PDF
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2001 Haber, E., and U. Ascher, 2001, Fast finite volume simulation of 3D electromagnetic problems with highly discontinuous coefficients: SIAM Journal Scientific Compututing, 22, 1943-1961. PDF
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2000 Haber, E., and D. W. Oldenburg, 2000, A GCV based method for nonlinear ill-posed problems: Computational Geosciences, 4, 41-63. PDF
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