Software Licensing

Overview of Licensing UBC-GIF Codes

The University of British Columbia-Geophysical Inversion Facility (UBC-GIF) is an academic research group within the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences at UBC. Our primary focus is research and education. Financially we are supported by industrial companies and by NSERC through its various collaborative research and development programs.  The goals of the UBC-GIF are to:

  • Carry out basic research for solving the inverse problem;
  • Develop practical computing algorithms for inverting geophysical field data;
  • Assist with technology transfer to academia, industry, and other communities.

We prefer to interact with industry by arranging direct funding for research consortia and for specific research projects. Research results arising from these collaborations (including software) are passed along to industrial sponsors. Algorithms, methodologies, and other innovations are published into the public domain in relevant peer reviewed scientific literature.  Furthermore, please use resources on this website, and acquire the IAG CD-ROM to learn about fundamentals, practicalities and challenges of geophysical inversion. 

Some UBC-GIF codes are available for commercial use via third parties. We also provide some academic licenses to recognized educational institutions. Our commercial and academic licensing policies are designed to balance the realities of academic research with the needs of the user community. Educational versions of codes are designed to allow rigorous learning about inversion using codes that are not useful for research or commercial applications. Feel free to visit the licensing page for more details.

Utility codes, including graphical user interface (GUI) programs, are freely available. Utilities are developed to assist users with running UBC-GIF forward modelling and inversion codes, and with inspecting data and models. The GUIs are NOT designed for generating industry standard outputs, NOR for managing geophysical data sets.


Software Maintenance and Support Policy


All UBC-GIF codes are provided on an "as-is" basis and the license does not provide explicit access to support or upgrades, except in the event of "bugs" in the software.