Case Histories


These case histories illustrate the application of UBC-GIF inversion methodologies to mineral exploration and other geophysical problems. We continue to build web-based educational material for applied geophysics at the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences, UBC.   Please contact us by email, or directly, for more information. The links below to the UBC-GIF case histories line

Multiple Methods

  1. San Nicolas (pdf). The web-based interactive version can be found here.
  2. Permafrost (pdf): GPR/EM/DC
  3. Application to Mineral Exploration (pdf)
  4. Mt Milligan (pdf)

DC Resitivity and IP

  1. Mt. Milliagan: web-based 2D example
  2. McDermott: web-based 2D example
  3. Century: web-based 2D example
  4. Acid drainage (pdf): 2D
  5. Cluny Mt Isa (pdf): The web-based interactive version can be found here.
  6. Postash Mine (pdf): 3D

Gravity and Magnetics

  1. Mt. Milligan: web-based example
  2. Raglan: web-based example
  3. Voisey's Bay: web-based example


  1. Las Christinas: web-based 1D example
  2. Tar sands exploration: web-based example
  3. CSEM inversion (pdf)
  4. 3D borehole TEM (pdf)
  5. 3D MT inversion (pdf)